Tim Timebomb streams 2 new songs (“Save It For Later” and “I Ain’t Gone Yet”)

Time for your daily Tim Timebomb and Friends new track.

We missed yesterday so we have a little catching up to do with not one, but two new tunes from Tim Armstrong of Rancid’s new project.  The first song is an original (most have been covers so far) and it’s titled “I Ain’t Gone Yet”.  Here’s what Tim had to say about the track:

“In the winter of 1986 I took a Greyhound bus from Oakland, Ca. to New York City, and my only luggage was my Fender acoustic guitar. I had been thinking about moving there. When I got to New York it was colder than I ever expected, and then I read that a punk club was opening up in my neighborhood in the East Bay–Gilman Street. So I returned for the opening show on New Year’s Eve. The first verse of this song is inspired by that trip to New York. We brought in Becky Stark, a great musician in the scene, to perform on this one. The first time I met Becky Stark I went over to her house with a friend of mine. I brought my acoustic guitar over with me, as I often do, (the same guitar I took to NY in 1986), and immediately we started playing songs together.”

The second track is a cover of “Save It For Later” and of this one Tim states:

“Dave Wakeling has a unique guitar tuning on this one. Dave Wakeling said he got it from the Velvet Underground. For those of you who may be keeping score– this is the fifth “2-Tone” era tune that we’ve dropped… this time we broke it down acoustic.”

Listen to both songs here.

The collection of Tim Timebomb and Friends songs is slated for a December 25th release through Hellcat Records.

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