Trustkill Records signs Victory In Numbers

trustkillTrustkill Records has further increased their roster by signing Victory In Numbers. Hailing from Philadelphia, the band has shared the stage with such popular acts as Fall Out Boy, Emery, Breakin’ Benjamin, and Every Avenue. Here’s what the band had to say:

“Signing with Trustkill is a dream come true. After all we have been through as a band it is great to see our hard work has paid off. We look forward to the opportunity we have in front of us, and cannot wait to get our music out there to as many people as possible. We know Vinnie is guiding us from above, and everything we do from here on out will be done in his name. We are VIN” – Joe Altomari

“We’re all pretty excited to have found a home at Trustkill. We’ve worked really hard to make music that we can be proud of and enjoy. And it’s that much better knowing that the people we work with believe in it just as much. We signed our actual contract at the grave of our late singer, Vin Green. (For whom the band is named) I think it is only fitting to turn this new page with him. We had this dream together. Now we’ll see it start to come true just the same. Thank you so much Rob, Josh and everyone at TK. WE CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS RECORD TO COME OUT!!!!” – Brian Hannon

Be on the lookout for their debut, Killing, Mourning, and Love on Trustkill Records in Spring of 2010.

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