Truth And Its Burden sign to Rite of Passage/Mediaskare, will be releasing new album “Choices”

South African hardcore act Truth And Its Burden have just signed to Rite Of Passage/Mediaskare Records. The band will also be releasing a new album “Choices” on May 22nd. Here’s what vocalist Ashley DeBeer had to say about the release:

The main idea behind ‘Choices’ is pretty simple; Making choices that reflect clear consideration for dreams and aspirations, it’s not something that merely applies to me/us alone, but rather something many can relate to. I wrote a lot of the songs during a period in my life when change was necessary and I guess with choices in my life I found there was a constant balancing act that took place. There are many contributing factors to making serious life decisions that balance a good choice and help make things a little clearer,” added DeBeer. “Many of the songs reflect the idea of finding myself, building myself, deciding things and just trying to make a conscious effort at being a better person in general.

You can also listen to a new song “Threadbare” right here.


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