Turnspit announce release of LP “Desire Paths”

Chicago punks Turnspit have just announced that they’ll be releasing their debut LP on February 16th on Dodgeball Records.

According to guitarist and vocalist Jason Swearingen,”A few years back, I finally started going to therapy. It helped me begin to get a handle on my mental health, and it encouraged me to seriously reevaluate, while coming to terms with a handful of things. One of the most difficult things I’ve struggled with is how my religious upbringing and obsessive-compulsive disorder kept me from exploring a lot of who I really am 

Over the past few years, I’ve come out as pansexual, and have begun to explore gender in ways I always felt I couldn’t before. I’ve been learning to do things that make me happy, rather than let guilt control my life. A lot of my songs on this record, “Breath Taking” included, deal with how it’s easier to control a people who are kept miserable; and how revolutionary an act it can be to simply do what makes you happy — in a positive way — in the face of others telling you that happiness is shameful.”

Check out the tracklist below!


1. Irish Name

2. Breath Taking

3. Walk Away

4. Apologies, I Have So, So Many

5. Desire Paths

6. Skin

7. Home Is Run No More

8. Given

9. Taproom

10. Midsentence

11. Invisible

12. If It Meant Heaven Was Free

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