Underoath officially reunite, announce plans to play at Self Help Festival

It’s official, the Grammy nominated Screamo outfit, Underoath, will reunite to play the 2016 Self Help Festival, in Bernardino, California. Furthermore drummer and vocalist Aaron Gillespie, who left the band in 2009, will be rejoining the outfit, which currently also consists of Grant Brandell, Spencer Chamberlain, Chris Dudley, James Smith and Tim McTague.

Gillespie commented on his decision to rejoin the band, stating, “This will be fun, just pure fun. So excited to get real closure and give all the peeps the best night ever with my five oldest buddies.”

“I think after the storm settled, we immediately started being friends again. I’m not sure if the ‘stars aligned’ or what,” added Chamberlain. “All of our schedules lined up to where we could do this show. I couldn’t be more stoked!”

No word yet if this will just be for a couple of reunion shows, or if more is to come from the band. Self Help Fest will take place March 19, at the NOS Event Centre. Visit their website for more details.

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