Update: I See Stars former screamer Zach Johnson returns after Chris Moore’s departure

That didn’t take long. Earlier today we wrote that Michigan post-hardcore/emo screamo act I See Stars had parted ways with screamer Chris Moore, but it seems that the band have found their new screamer in former band member Zach Johnson. The band writes,

“In the last 6 weeks we’ve poured our heart and soul into what is to be the next chapter of I See Stars. As we get closer and closer to finishing a new record a few things have been brought into light that you all deserve to be aware of. I See Stars and Chris Moore (keys/screams) have decided to part ways. This decision was mutual, and we still love and support him in everything he chooses to do and hope you all do as well.

Now on the upside of things, this record being a dream turned to reality. We are so excited for the fall/winter release. The original member for keys/screams was held by Zach Johnson whose vocals and synth you all have heard on our debut record “3D”. He will be returning to the band, performing on Warped 2010. Hope you’re ready.

I See Stars will be playing the entire Warped Tour circuit, so check out their Dying Scene Shows page for dates and locations.

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