Video: Fat Mike kicks the shit out of fan on stage, makes up with him afterward on Twitter

You ever have one of those days where you feel like if one more person fucks with you you’d just knock them the hell out?  Well apparently Fat Mike had one of them yesterday in Sydney, Australia.  The NOFX singer had been complaining of horrible neck pain during the show and when an unwitting fan snuck on stage to give him a mid song hug Mike just went ballistic.  An elbow to the face took the fan down and Mike followed that up with a swift kick to the face.  It seriously goes down like a sequence from an action movie and you can watch a video of it right here.

The fan turned out to not be seriously injured (physically or pridefully) and he appears to have forgiven Mike after a public apology from the singer on Twitter.

Update: NOFX gave Alex backstage passes to tonight’s show, invited him to join them onstage in singing “Linoleum” (the song during which the incident occurred), and gave him a truly one of a kind shirt…

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