Video Interview: Far From Finished talk Warped, importance of poop schedules, staff infections and new album

You can check out a pretty entertaining video with Boston punk act Far From Finished right here.  A couple members of the band give a tour of their van and give some interesting insight to life on the Warped Tour.  From the importance of a regular pooping schedule to getting staff infection these guys paint a pretty vivid picture of the not so glamorous side of touring.  Around the 9 minute mark they talk about “Forgettable”, the band’s upcoming release, addressing the album’s fairly drastic change in the sound (check out the 2 new songs on their MySpace).  The most interesting thing I learned is that Steve (Far From Finished lead singer) DOESN’T HAVE A RIGHT HAND!  I’ve been listening to these guys for years and can’t believe I never knew that.  For some reason it makes me like them more.  I don’t know why…

Forgettable will be released late summer/early fall on Old Shoe Records and is a follow-up to 2007’s Living In The Fallout released on Think Fast.

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