Video: Watch Tatiana DeMaria (TAT) perform Adele’s “Someone Like You”

It took a lot to get me to write this story, but here goes…

Tatiana DeMaria, frontwoman for UK pop-punk act TAT, has got herself a YouTube page. Today she posted an acoustic cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You.” If you’ve got a pulse, you’ve probably had the original burned into your eardrums a time or two this year, and if you’re like me, it made you want to jam a screwdriver into those aforementioned eardrums to make it stop.

Tatiana’s version, on the other hand, is pretty much awesome. Click here to check it out. TAT’s last release was 2008’s “Soho Lights,” though they’ve got an EP and a full-length in the works.


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  • A typical anti-mainstream music view. This version is only different by the fact that the singer plays the instrument herself. It is an excellent cover, but I think the original is a good song. I don’t like Adele’s other music, but to paint the original as some aurally destructive force is a little ridiculous. I find it absurd that someone could dislike the original so much, yet appreciate this version. But anyway, good cover.

  • My critique of the original has nothing to do with the song being mainstream. This version is different in two ways: Tatiana plays the guitar herself AND her voice isn’t intolerable. I don’t get the whole Adele “thing”; lyrically she is as strong as anybody, but her voice kills the message.

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