Weekend of Shows Review: MDC and Pegboy Headline, The Bollweevils shoot Anthem video

Pegboy’s “Skinny” Mike Thompson (left), John Haggerty (center), and Larry Damore (right) (with Joe Haggerty on drums, not pictured) played to a frenetic crowd at 1st Ward.

MDC kicked off their latest tour in Chicago to a packed Liar’s Club Friday night, April, 8, 2016, with strong support from Deathwish and Chicago area based groups Death and Memphis, and The Bollweevils.

Deathwish worked hard to get the crowd warmed up and the fervor built during Death and Memphis’ as always rollicking set.

Steev MF Custer (left) and Paul Garcia (right) with Larry Ohler and Devin Thomas, during a rollicking performance at Liar’s Club

The Bollweevils had the club at fever pitch as lead singer Daryl Wilson, whose day job is as an M.D. /EMS Medical Director at a suburban Chicago Hospital (thus affectionally known by friends and fans as the Punk Rock Doc) threw his almost 6’5 frame all over the stage and into the crowd. The low ceilings of Liar’s Club and the cozy stage space did not deter Wilson from making his customary chaotic jumps.  By the next day, it was a case of doctor heal thyself, as Wilson listed badges of painful honor in the name of punk on his Facebook page.

Daryl Wilson was not deterred from making one of his numerous jumps by cozy stage space at Liar’s Club

MDC, formed 35 plus years earlier and led by Dave Dictor, took the stage and started furiously with the sometimes eponymous song Millions of Dead Cops.  Nearly a dozen songs later, when they hit Chicken Squawk and John Wayne Was A Nazi, the crowd composed of many just a few years younger than Dictor himself, was fully enthralled. Despite the tight stage area, some still found the space to stage dive and crowd surf through the tight confines. The coziness of the venue seemed to only add to the level of energy generated throughout.

Dave Dictor and MDC kicked off their latest tour at Liar’s Club in Chicago.

The music continued Saturday night at 1st Ward Events at Chop Shop, and a good deal of the audience members at the Friday night show also were on hand for headliners, the Chicago outfit sometimes described as a punk rock supergroup, Pegboy.

The three earlier Saturday night groups, Dan Vapid & The Cheats, The Brokedowns and Dethwarrant all provided solid support.

Pegboy ripped through close to 20 songs, including a soaring cover of Naked Raygun’s Soldier’s Requiem.  Pegboy of course includes former Naked Raygun guitarist John Haggerty, so this was especially delightful to longtime NR fans.  Two other highlights of the set: “Revolver,” Pegboy’s cover of “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver” by Mission of Burma and Hardlight. For the latter song, the show finale, Pegboy lead vocalist Larry Damore yielded the mic to Daryl Wilson of The Bollweevils, who had more space to catch air and did.

In fact, the entire weekend may have seemed to some as an extended party. Sunday at Liar’s found many of those in attendance to the previous two nights’ shows (including several members of the various performing bands) participating in the making of The Bollweevils music video for “The Bollweevils Anthem.”

Dave Dictor of MDC at Liar’s Club

Paul Garcia (left) and Devin Thomas (right) of Death and Memphis

Steev MF Custer of Death and Memphis

Ken Fitzner (left) and Daryl Wilson (right) of The Bollweevils

Daryl Wilson, of The Bollweevils, sports a camera to capture the action from the stage. It was later passed around the crowd for some unique perspectives.

Larry Damore and John Haggerty of Pegboy with a stage visitor

Pegboy’s Larry Damore during Revolver, their popular cover of That’s When I Reach For My Revolver by Mission of Burma

“Skinny” Mike Thompson of Pegboy
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