Aaron “White Owl” Collins (Skarhead, White Trash, Murphy’s Law) guest hosts Dying Scene Radio, No Redeeming Social Value, NYHC

This week on Dying Scene RadioBob Noxious is on hiatus, attending to his studio renovation, while Bobby Pickles welcomes help from his “business partner” Tone Lo-Ki and NYHC bassist extraordinaire Aaron “White Owl” Collins whose discography includes stints with SkarheadMurphy’s Law, and the early 90s funk-punk band White Trash (Elektra Records). Collins, a gritty, DMS punk rock “lifer” provides a sh!t-ton of interesting commentary. Wait until you hear his Rick Rubin story! Check out the newly released White Trash record titled “Suburban Purgatory”. BAND SPOTLIGHT: Pickles and Lo-Ki speak with Dean (aka D. Thrilla) of the NYHC schtick act No Redeeming Social Value. Episode 26’s recurring theme: Zappa!

Hear all the ridiculous blathering (uttered with a NY-twang) below.

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White Trash – I Might Lie
Misconduct – Blood On My Hands feat. Roger Miret
Big D and the Kids Table – Ska Sux
Great Collapse – New Abolition
Atomic Winter – Concrete Squall
No Redeeming Social Value – Beer=Fun
No Redeeming Social Value Interview
No Redeeming Social Value – Your Boyfriend is a Guido
Skarhead – D.F.F.
Science Made Us Robots – Hopeless Attitude
Spin-Off – You look at me as if I were from another planet
Alameida – Payday

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