Zoli Teglas discusses new Pennywise album, future of Ignite and solo album

zoli-teglasIn a really informative interview new Pennywise singer Zoli Teglas informs Life In A Bungalow about his joining Pennywise, plans for a brand new Pennywise album, the future of his former band Ignite, a potential Zoli solo project, and a lot more.

Spoiler alert:  Zoli and the Pennywise gang are already writing a new Pennywise album from scratch (no Jim influence).  Ignite will continue on as a band WITH Zoli, and Zoli has a solo album coming out in a few days.  I have no idea how the hell all of that is possible considering all the touring with Pennywise but I’m stoked.  Check out the full interview here.

For those of you waaaaay out of the loop, former Ignite vocalist Zoli Teglas joined Pennywise as their new lead singer when Jim Lindberg suddenly decide to leave the band.

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