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Danger Death Ray

Danger Death Ray
Hometown: Portland, Oregon Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Davey Death Ray - Guitar, Vocals
Dooley Von Danger - Bass, Vocals
Dr. Wicked 5000 - Drums, Percussion

Danger Death Ray Bio:

Early in the year of our Robot, 2009, three dapper and witty troglodytes were shanghaied from their home in Juneau, Alaska by a clandestine group of anti-scientists known above ground as SINGSOC. Each comrade was infused with preternatural abilities in an undisclosed space station near Titan through procedures of osmosis, rumination and isometrics.

Following this specialized purification Davey Death Ray, Dr. Wicked 5000 and Dooley Von Danger tour planet Earth with a single aspiration: Danger Death Ray! For peaceful purposes only. They materialize at basements, houses, and venues in whistle-stops speckling the globe.

With compositions revolving around the personal as political and the political as personal, punk fueled arrangements, a blurry focus on the impending disaster that is the dominant culture, and a semi-certain pop sensibility - Danger Death Ray aims to jolt the pop/punk scene, as well as the civilized world, from its afflictive stupor.

Do not be alarmed: Danger Death Ray is for peaceful purposes only.

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