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DS Exclusive: Houston pop-punks The Lockdowns premiere “Heartbreak Radio” from upcoming album on Mom’s Basement Records
Houston pop-punk quartet The Lockdowns will be releasing their debut album Can’t Catch A Break this fall on Mom’s Basement Records. We’re thrilled to be kicking off the fun with this exclusive premiere of the album’s lead single “Heartbreak Radio”, a tried and true old school pop-punk track sure to be enjoyed by fans of […]

Band Spotlight

DS Band Spotlight: Check out Toronto pop-punks Wasting Time & their new record “Hurry Up and Wait”
Happy Friday, friends! There’s a lot of awesome new releases out today, but I’ve made the executive decision to shine the spotlight – the Dying Scene Band Spotlight, that is 😉 – on one record in particular. That record is Hurry Up and Wait! This is the third full-length entry in Canadian pop-punk band Wasting […]

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Sammy Kay 07-19-2024
“July 1960”

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MakeWar 06-28-2024
“A Paradoxical Theory of Change”
Tide Bends 06-21-2024
“Say Yeah”
School Drugs 06-14-2024