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DS Exclusive: The Deathbots debut “Thumper” from upcoming split with Cardboard Box Colony
Happy Friday, and more importantly, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, comrades! We’ve got a fun new exclusive for your earholes today, and it comes to us all the way from the mountains of…Asheville, North Carolina! It’s from a band called The Deathbots, a trio who’ve been described as “a brawling mix between Bad Religion and Johnny […]

Band Spotlight

DS Band Spotlight: Swedish melodic punks Nonthewiser hit the ground running on debut LP
Swedish melodic punks Nonthewiser come flying out of the starting gates with their self-titled debut album, out now on Melodic Punk Style. If you like Bad Religion, I highly recommend checking these guys out (also, if you don’t like Bad Religion, I don’t like you). This album is a throwback to The Gray Race-era BR, […]

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