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Dying Scene Album Review: Take The Reins – “I’m At Your Door”

Windy City punks, Take The Reins have brought back that feel good, pop punk greatness we all know and love with their newest seven track album I’m At Your Door. This fantastic quintet kills the classic sound and do a kick ass job at making any kid who ever went through an “emo phase” have […]

New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert reveals new tumor diagnosis

As some of you might recall, New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert revealed a particularly scary health diagnosis late last year, specifically, a rare type of adrenal gland tumor called pheochromocytoma. It was a pretty harrowing journey; more on that here. The band were back out on the road hard and heavy throughout the course […]

Dying Scene Album Review: Trashed Ambulance “Future Considerations”

Imagine this if you will, the year is 1999, it is the beginning of Summer, and you’re surrounded by nothing but wilderness and beautiful landscape. You’re about to take a dive off of a 40-foot cliff into a lake, which is really living in the moment. Now the loud music you have blasting on your […]

Dying Scene Record Radar: New punk vinyl releases & reissues (A Vulture Wake, The Network, Adolescents & more)

Yo! What’s going on, friends? Welcome back to the Dying Scene Record Radar, the weekly column where we present you with colorful plastic discs of music to spend your hard earned money on. We’ve got a lot of good shit in store for you this week, so I hope your wallet’s feeling fat, and your […]

DS Show Review and Photos: The Beths, SASAMI & Charlotte Cornfield Live At BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn

I will be the first to admit that my main (aka only) interest in venturing over to Prospect Park on a hot & humid Friday night was to see New Zealand’s one and only The Beths. I knew next to nothing about the 2 opening acts, Charlotte Cornfield and SASAMI. I can only say now […]