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Dose Of Adolescence

Dose Of Adolescence
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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After six years, two CD burners, four drummers, hundreds of freezing cold nights standing outside of venues handing out CDs, all with no help from a record label or manager. Dose of Adolescence still continues to play the music they love, by booking shows and tours for listeners all over the country. The foursome will continue to do so under all circumstances, until their goal of creating and playing music for millions of fans is reached. Then their dream of living a life on the road will be complete. Formed by Timmy Brown and Steve Madigan, Dose of Adolescence was created in early 2000 in the living room of brothers Timmy and Jimmy Brown. Throughout the next five years, Dose would pass through four drummers finally reuniting with their original drummer John Gelbach. Jimmy would then complete the band as the bass player. Dose of Adolescence has created an ever-evolving mlange of fast, entertaining classic punk rock beats, but a bit more melodic then most. An ingenious compilation of aggressive, passionate, punk rock, and a songwriting structure that differs from song to song. Again, with the absence of any booking agents, managers, or even promoters, Dose has sprinkled themselves throughout the country by means of two west coast tours, and one national tour. They have landed a spot on FUSE national television, while touring in New York and have had continuous airplay on numerous radio stations. Dose has self-produced one full-length album which has sold over 2,000 copies. Along with that album they have put out two E.P.s that have sold over 3,500 copies combined, not to mention the thousands upon thousands the members have handed out. Dose of Adolescence has shared the stage with the likes of major label bands, such as Rufio, Zebrahead, A Static Lullaby, Letter Kills, Jupiter Sunrise, Dogwood, A Thorn For Every Heart, The Hurt Process, Scary Kids Scaring Kids and were invited and performed at the 2005 South by Southwest music festival in Austin , Texas . Armed with the passionate momentum and dedication that has achieved their every fiber of success, this band will not cease to achieve their aspirations, exposing their lives with every song, and spreading their message they will live by forever, live life, stay gold, or die trying

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