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Hometown: Motor City, Michigan Current Label: Rise Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Chad: Vocals
Chris: Guitar
Dylan: Drums
Bubbles: Guitar
Joe: Bass/Vocals

Legend Bio:

In today's metal scene, most bands don't have the backbone needed to exhibit what real heavy music is all about. Detroit, Michigan's LEGEND isn't most bands. The sheer magnitude of LEGEND'S furious sound is so uncompromising and so monstrous you'll be checking under your bed for circle pits before you go to sleep at night. LEGEND are on a path of devastation that will leave the naysayers wishing they hadn't second guessed just how severe this mid-western five piece truly is. Fronted by Chad Ruhlig (ex-For the Fallen Dreams), LEGEND has no qualms calling themselves just what they are; Legendary.


  1. mattcooper2911/17/2016 3:55 AM | Permalink

    I like your effort

  2. mattryan9012/14/2016 12:38 AM | Permalink

    Nice Band.

  3. noahbrady3/2/2017 2:26 AM | Permalink


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