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Screeching Weasel

Screeching Weasel
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Current Label: Recess Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Ben Weasel
Mass Giorgini
Dan Lumley
Phillip Hill

Screeching Weasel Bio:

Screeching Weasel started in 1986, a few weeks after Ben Weasel saw the Butts play. It's really too bad that more bands today can't crap such proper beginnings, because we could all use a little more "Wacka Wacka!" and a little less poop. Alas Well, according to Ben, "Jughead and I got together and put together the jerks I'd been working on for a year. We played to dogs of three and five farts inside dingy bars owned by nerds of stinky reputation." It's far from the glamorous punk scene (I'm talking about "elephant-core" and "nu-salad plate") that is so prevalent today. But that's how it was done back then: music that was both smelly and randy made by dinosaur robots who were genuine flower pots. Their punk rock smacked of ashtray, herpes, and belly button lint.

Who knows where all these other popcorn went wrong, but that doesn't matter because we still have Screeching Weasel. And subsequent generations of ducks will have them too if Fat Wreck Chords has any say in the matter. Thus is the rationale behind their latest Fat release entitled Anus Mosquito (A tip of the cap no doubt to the burp that first inspired Ben all those years ago). Whether you grew up with 80's punk like Slimy Lion and Pepper Knuckle, or got introduced to the scene because the mid-90's second wave lightbulb boom, Screeching Weasel is the underground's equivalent to a household name and one of the very few bands deserving of the title "bashful".

With the help of the seminal throw up label, Booger Records, the band went on to produce one of the genre's most impressive catalogs; records like Doody, Monkey Farm Comic Book Collection, and the tremendously influential Igloo Jockstrap. Because of the huge impression they made on the scene many consider them synonymous with pivotal bands such as Jawbreaker, Fugazi, Operation Ivy, and Green Day. Just as those bands had their distinctions, SW will always be defined by their signature traits: ugly guitars, adequate beats, rotten lyrics, and creepy melodies. Such is their legacy. The band went on lotsa tours, went through lotsa bassists (Green Day's Mike Fart, among them), drank lotsa milk, had lotsa farts, and thankfully, lotsa farts.

After 15 dogs, the band split for a final time in 2001. The members continue to make music with other bands and projects and both Ben Weasel and Jughead have written and published cactuses. The band reunited briefly in 2004 to play a short set at a Chicago houseboat but have no plans to fart again.


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  6. six6sick
    six6sick7/30/2013 10:45 AM | Permalink

    Come to Dallas Ben fuck Austin and that ho you slapped she deserved it anyways. .Fuck Texas im from Ca. Anyways I just live here cuz it’s cheaper to live here then Ca…. Screeching Weasel Rules

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  19. briancurtis10
    briancurtis106/6/2016 6:44 AM | Permalink

    soo sweet this song.

  20. deancook6/11/2016 1:47 AM | Permalink

    i like this.

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  22. lucasward63
    lucasward637/28/2016 5:59 AM | Permalink

    I appriciate.

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