Dexter Holland says he’s not sure if The Offspring’s next release will be an album

Despite earlier reports that they would release new music in 2015, The Offspring frontman Dexter Holland recently told that he is not sure if the band’s next musical output will come in the form of a full-length studio album. He states:

“We’re not really sure. We used to always do records where we’d go in and spend as long as it took — and sometimes that takes like a year and a half to really do it — and that seems like a long time to wait in between records. And no one really buys albums anymore…or maybe they do, I don’t know. But the way people really digest music has just changed; it’s not really the same way where you’re gonna sit down with the record and really listen to it.”

Dexter did, however, say that he does not rule out the possibility of a new Offspring album, explaining, “It’s not like I wouldn’t ever do an album again. Albums are important ‘cuz it’s a collection of work. But for the time being it’s like, you know what, let’s not get too crazy and overwhelmed with doing a whole album. Let’s just do a couple of songs here and there and that way we can go out and tour and still see the people and not just have to go away for a couple of years.”

Earlier this month, The Offspring released the covers EP Summer Nationals exclusively on iTunes and Spotify via Time Bomb, which was released to coincide with the ongoing tour with Bad ReligionPennywise and The Vandals. It is not known if Time Bomb will handle the release of the new Offspring album, which will be their first since 2012’s Days Go By, but we’ll keep you posted as more details on it come to light.

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