Video: The Offspring perform new song in Germany

Fan-filmed video footage of The Offspring performing a new song, entitled “November Song” (also known as “You Will Find a Way”), on Monday, August 29 at the Palladium in Cologne, Germany has surfaced on the interwebs. The quality of the video is good and you can check it out here.

“November Song” (or “You Will Find a Way” or whatever it’s officially called) is expected to appear on the band’s upcoming album, which will likely be released in 2012.

The Offspring haven’t released any new material since their 2008 album, “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace”. Their last release was the rarities compilation album “Happy Hour!”, which was released only in Japan last year. Almost exactly a month ago, frontman Dexter Holland said that The Offspring were taking a break so that he could write more lyrics, while guitarist Noodles said it was unlikely that the new record would be out this year.

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  1. Josh Ballard9/1/2011 8:34 PM | Permalink

    it’s a decent song, but i’m hoping for better

  2. Kenny Delobel9/2/2011 2:07 AM | Permalink

    Intro and verse sound a bit too much like (Foo fighters – Times like These) to me…

  3. Adriel Skewer9/2/2011 9:17 AM | Permalink

    Love this band. But this song sucks. Deff agreed with the Foo Fighters comment above.

  4. John Guiberson9/10/2011 11:44 PM | Permalink

    the opening riff reminds me of Social Distortion’s Machine Gun Blues too much!

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