Band Spotlights

DS Band Spotlight: Introducing Colombian skate punk band One Reason To Rise

Oh shit, a new Dying Scene Band Spotlight! It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these and I can’t think of a better way to revive the feature than with an awesome skate punk band. Bogota, Colombia’s One Reason To Rise is the right band for the job. These guys have been cranking […]

DS Band Spotlight: Austrian punks 7 Years Bad Luck make triumphant return with new album “No Shame”

My favorite thing about writing for Dying Scene (aside from the money, fame, and numerous accolades) has always been discovering lesser known bands from all over the world; 7 Years Bad Luck was one of the first bands I stumbled upon when I come on board in the early 2010’s and I’ve remained a loyal […]

DS Band Spotlight: Hungarian punks Bankrupt; new album “Illiberal Holiday” out now!

Our latest Dying Scene Band Spotlight takes us to the capital of Hungary, where we meet Budapest’s Bankrupt! This four piece punk band has been around over 25 years, and they just released an awesome new record called Illiberal Holiday. Most people compare bands to like… Green Day and Blink 182 or some shit, but […]

DS Band Spotlight: Introducing Dutch pop-punks Lone Wolf; new album “Haze Wave” out now on Stardumb Records!

Welcome back to the Dying Scene Band Spotlight! Our latest installment brings us to Rotterdam, Netherlands, where we meet Dutch “post-pop punk” band Lone Wolf! They have an awesome new record called Haze Wave out now on Stardumb Records. If you like songs about the overwhelming existential dread of daily life tinged with bubblegum pop […]

DS Band Spotlight: Japan’s Five State Drive mixes ska and skate punk on excellent debut album

Hailing from Nagoya, Japan, Five State Drive may appear to be fresh faced greenhorns, but don’t be fooled: these guys have been cranking out breakneck paced skacore-infused skate punk for a decade now. The band’s new self-titled album is, however, their first full-length release. I’m not bullshitting you when I say penciled this into my […]

DS Band Spotlight: Danvers

If you’ve never heard of Danvers, that’s more on us than it is on yinz (did we use that correctly?). We’ve been following these prolific Pittsburgh punks for awhile now and only recently remembered that we run a pretty big punk rock website which has a Band Spotlight section specifically created to highlight lesser known […]

DS Band Spotlight: Swedish melodic punks Nonthewiser hit the ground running on debut LP

Swedish melodic punks Nonthewiser come flying out of the starting gates with their self-titled debut album, out now on Melodic Punk Style. If you like Bad Religion, I highly recommend checking these guys out (also, if you don’t like Bad Religion, I don’t like you). This album is a throwback to The Gray Race-era BR, […]

DS Band Spotlight: Norwegian punk band Fights fuses hardcore and boogie rock

If you’re looking for some unique punk rock to check out, it doesn’t get much more unique than Oslo, Norway’s Fights. I stumbled upon this Norwegian “boogiecore” (that’s the term they’ve coined to describe their fusing of hardcore and boogie rock) band and their new single “Serenity Now”, and I was instantly hooked. I went […]

DS Band Spotlight: Introducing international punk rock duo When The Walls Fell

When The Walls Fell is a transatlantic punk band that blends in-your-face street punk with upbeat, melodic pop-punk and ripping guitar leads. And while that may sound like it shouldn’t work, it most certainly does. The project is the brainchild of two primary members; Queens, New York’s Jim Rundle records guitar, bass, and drums while […]

DS Band Spotlight: Introducing Baltimore’s Paperback Tragedy

A few months ago, I asked our loyal Facebook followers to recommend lesser known bands (up-and-coming, underrated, or otherwise) for me to check out. Today’s Band Spotlight highlights one of the best bands I came across amongst the hundreds that were recommended. For those who find themselves on the eternal quest to find a modern […]