Members: Joe Boynton- lead vocals; Torre Cioffi- guitar, vocals; P.J. Jefferson- bass, vocals; Daniel Frazier- drums; Joseph Lacy - guitar, vocals; Tim Landers- guitar, vocals Established Date: 2006 Record Label: Rise Records Bandcamp Link: Listen on Bandcamp

Transit was an American rock band from Stoneham, Massachusetts. From their formation in 2006 to their split in 2016, they released five albums, four EPs, and a split EP with Man Overboard. Although they largely took influence from emo acts such as Saves the Day, Death Cab for Cutie, American Football, Fairweather, Lifetime, and Hot Water Music their sound transformed from a fusion of pop punk and contemporary emo from their early releases into an indie rock sound by their final release, Joyride.