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16 Hour Drive

16 Hour Drive
Hometown: San Diego, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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We're a punk band that stands up for individual rights, less government, less tax and laissez faire capitalism. We stand up for America and what it was founded for. We do not support any form of redistribution of the wealth, socialized medicine, etc, etc. Nor do we support the Federal Reserve, Wall Street or the Bankers due to the fact that those individuals use their wealth and power to lobby politicians in order to infringe on the individual rights of our citizens. We do support the rights of the individual. The ability to achieve whatever it is you desire in life. The ability to make a choice on Altruism and not be forced into it. Altruism is great when it's an individuals choice to help and yet can be just as evil if achieved by means of force. All our albums can be purchased via the itunes store link located here! Where I stand politically.


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    i like it…

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    very nice.

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    this is nice…..

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    its all right.

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    I like your style:)

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