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Amerikan Made

Amerikan Made
Hometown: Huntington Beach, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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A smart person would make up something cooler sounding, but our personal account is:: Ryan & Josh, who started Amerikan Made in 1994 joined up about 5 years ago with Nick Name & Pat Magrath and developed the sound which is now AMERIKAN MADE. Nick who is just coming into his twenties, is a new comer to the scene but a natural. Pat Magrath, a veteran is best know for his work with FEAR and SLAYER, as well as his amazing drumming performance on the first SAOSIN E.P. "Translating The Name." Ryan and Josh are responsible for starting the project that has lasted over 10 years. For more details, check Our shit... (meaning music) can fit with many different types of bands, here's a list of some of the bands we've played shows with over our 10+ years of being together: Exploited, Misfits, TSOL, R.K.L., D.O.A., Circle Jerks, Mad Sin, China White, Youth Brigade, Final Conflict, Litmus Green, Naked Aggression, D.I., No Use For A Name, One Man Army, CHANNEL 3, Angry Samoans, Total Chaos, Narcoleptic Youth, Co-Dependents, Duane Peters and the Hunns, Drain Bramaged, Lower Class Brats, Partisans, White Kaps, Death On Wednesday, Bullets and Octane, Beer City Rockers, Franki Doll, U.S. Bombs, Clit 45, The Skulls, Funeral Dress, Agent Orange... These were some of the more memorable ones that we could think of...


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