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Hometown: RICHMOND, Virginia Current Label: Fat Wreck Chords Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Tim Barry - vocals
Gwomper - bass
Joe Banks - guitar
Ed Trask - Drums
Beau Beau - cheerleader

Avail Bio:

They were just like any other kids rocking in their parents’ garage, but instead of ripping out covers or aping their heroes, AVAIL were defining their unique sound at a very early age. By the time Joe Banks (guitar), Tim Barry (vocals) and Beau Beau (cheerleader / uber-roadie) moved the band to Richmond in 1990, the group had already almost honed their effortless blend of the classic Southern rock and protest folk that was in their veins with the melodic skate punk that constantly filled their ears. The backdrop of everyday life in Richmond, though, proved to be the key ingredient in solidifying the band’s immediately recognizable sound. Barry’s tales of everyday struggle and triumph became inextricably tied to the life (and death) of his hometown, at once creating blue-collar anthems that are often not just highly personal, but also highly political. It’s this ability to seamlessly streamline both sonic and lyrical content (along with a relentless touring bug) that has truly made the songs of alienation, travel and anti-establishment triumph spanning this trio of albums legendary. Dixie (1994) is the rallying cry of emotive powerchord balladry that truly put AVAIL on the map. The album has now been beefed up by the addition of 11 bonus tracks compiled from the Attempt to Regress 7” (1992) and the album Live at the Kingshead Inn (1993). 4 A.M. Friday (1996), meanwhile, is the record that solidified the band’s place as the kings of the Southern punk underground. This reissue is now completed by the addition of the smoldering set from Live in San Francisco (1997). Recorded at the Bottom of the Hill, it’s testament to the unforgettable, high-octane shows that are their hallmark. Finally, Over the James (1998), presents a more mature take on songwriting, Barry’s most personal lyrics to date and a thunderously pristine recording; it’s the most ferocious and vital statement of their career. The re-release is bolstered by bonus tracks including the Fall of Richmond (1997) split with (Young) Pioneers and the band’s covers of Elvis, Billy Joel and Embrace.


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