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Bad Assets

Bad Assets
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan Current Label: United Riot Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Ralph DIC - Vocals
Kid Bishop - Guitar
ElBeau - Bass
Jason - Drums

Bad Assets Bio:

In March of 2008 a few friends talked about starting an oi! band. Music and lyric writing began immediately but due to a few unavoidable circumstances with jobs and family it was put on the back burner until January 2009. At that time the search began to form a band starting with a singer and bass player. A few different guitarists and drummers were looked at but with other commitments and shitty service it was looking like this would be harder than at first thought. Out of the blue, one of Detroit’s best drummer came kicking and stomping in bringing the search only to a guitarist. Thru customs came an international sensation packing six strings and blistering solos. As of May, Ali had decided to focus on his main project as well as spending more time with his family. This put us on the search for a new drummer. In late July Jason joined our ranks bringing his own twist to already established songs, not afraid to do things his way. With his addition, we have started writing new material and will be hitting the local stage soon to introduce him to Detroit and beyond with all you have to offer.

Plans are in the works for a short tour, possibly Ontario and maybe even out east but like always, will revolve around grown up commitments, family, friends, jobs and our normal lives. Just remember, we are working class and this is something we do for fun, not a living.

Bad Assets has already in our short time racked up some good and memorable shows, playing on the same bill as The Lager Lads, The Business, Old Firm Casuals and too many other local/midwest bands to name. If you're looking for a show, send us a message. You come to Detroit or we'll come to you (within reason, no European festivals unless you're coming with funding). We do have 3 song CD's available at all shows and as always, working on more material. In June we recorded Bad Asset's first full length titled "The Spirit Of Detroit" which will be out by late March. Stay tuned for the next chapter!


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