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Barneys Boogie Train

Barneys Boogie Train
Hometown: Versmold, Germany Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Bernd "Barney" Wewer - Guitar/Vox
D.T. Shepherd - Bass/Vox
Hit'em Pete - Drums

Barneys Boogie Train Bio:

Instead of Electrobeat and brush cut, Rock..n..Roll is about heavy leather-jackets,rough biker-boots, monstrous quiffs and cartainly about chicks and sex. In case of Barney..s Boogie Train there are no quiffs but some born-and-bred Rock..n..Roll riffs. Bernd "Barney" Wewer, D.T.Shepherd and Hitém Pete commit themselves to an up-to-date straightforward and simple sound of the swinging and rocking 50ies in a classic cast with guitar, bass and drums. Since forming the German-based trio in 2001 the Boogietrain lets off heavy loads of steam on the stages of live music. Their repertoire contains well-famous Coversongs (e.g. of the rockabilly heroes "Stray Cats") as well as terrific and atmospheric originals - an explosive compound of Rock, easygoing Blues, Swing, wild Hillbilly and Surf. Titles as "Giddy Up Girl", "Devil..s Dance" and "Be Bop A Lula" pledge an upright Rock..n..Roll feeling and put you in a party-mood. Besides being blessed with a wicked smoke-stained villain..s voice "Barney" excellently masters his guitar and makes his live-action a not-to-be-missed experience. Generally the potential of most bands of this genre unseathes up on stage, because Rock..n..Roll is first and foremost fun, profiling and a good deal of physical performance. Not only that the members of the band are simpatico, their groovy and barefaced music (especially the great selection of cover songs) intransigently blows you away.

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