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Hometown: Granite City, MA Current Label: Old Shoe Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Rick Barton - Guitar and Vocals, Stephen Barton - Bass, Tommy Mazalewski - Drums, Dave DePrest - Guitar

Continental Bio:

After decades of launching iconic Boston Punk bands, songwriter and performer Rick Barton has teamed up with his 19 year old son Stephen in his newest project, Continental. Hailing from the hallowed musical grounds of the Granite City - Quincy, MA - Rick Barton (formerly of Dropkick Murphys, The Outlets and Everybody Out!) has launched an act that combines his punk rock sensibilities with some non-traditional elements. "The songs are rooted in old school Boston street punk but flavored with tinges of folk, country, and 60's British mod music." What is novel about this Barton Project is that Continental is actually more Stephen's brainchild than that of his old man, but make no mistake who will be stepping forward center stage and howling into the microphone. The group spawned from the ashes of a project Stephen had assembled while still in high school, but gained momentum when Stephen made a recording on his laptop of Rick playing acoustic at home. "I was playing some songs I had written that didn't really fit in with the material my band (Everybody Out!) was doing at the time." Rick agreed to work with Stephen's new band and show them how to write songs, but had so much fun jamming that he stayed on as the group's singer and guitarist. As principle songwriter, Rick says that the lyrics deal mainly with self exploration, yearning, and fucking up, "with the occasional love ditty thrown in for good measure. I'm a sucker for a good heartbreaker and even the toughest prick out there has befallen that fate." Rounding out the lineup alongside the Bartons are drummer Kevin Garvin (formerly of Everybody Out! and On Broken Wings) and guitarist Chris Law (formerly of River City Rebels). The result is a gritty and experienced band hell-bent on hitting the road to bring their music to new audiences, wherever they may be. Fresh off their first Canadian Tour, Continental are excited to embark on a full U.S. Tour in support of The Street Dogs this fall. The experience of the musicians in the band has had a profound impact on the approach Continental take to their music. "We won't be in the local bar shouting about how good we are and why can't they catch a break," proclaims Stephen. "We'll be on the road, sleeping on peoples floors, going broke, and working it like a real band. This isn't just a hobby, this is our life." The debut record from Continental is out on Old Shoe Records this fall! Be sure to look for it at your local record store or at


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