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Crossed Keys

Crossed Keys
Hometown: Philadelphia Current Label: Hell Minded Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Dave Adoff, Josh Alvarez, Beau Brendley, Dave Wagenschutz, Andrew Wellbrock

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Melodic punk band from Philadelphia with former members of The Curse, Kid Dynamite, Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer, Step Ahead, & Halo of Snakes.

Chances are, if you've been paying attention to the Philadelphia underground music scene in the past two decades, you've seen one or two members of Crossed Keys before, although it's also very likely that you've seen all of them. The members of Crossed Keys have a long history of playing in hardcore and punk bands from the area that are as varied as they are unique. From Off Minor to Step Ahead, from Kill The Man Who Questions to Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer, from The Curse to Hey Angel; Crossed Keys draw from an eclectic palette to create a sanguine pop sound that has been cultured in a stew of basement shows and record shops. Crossed Keys fuse their musical backgrounds and influences together to create a sound that is as mature as it is fun. Catchy melodies cradle thought-provoking lyrics resulting in introspection, sweaty singalongs and all around good times. Crossed Keys got a lot older, a little wiser, and some lost varying amounts of hair, but the music and the message still speaks to the firey spirit that burns in all of us.

We'd like to sound like that last Farside album...but maybe it's more like Dinosaur Jr. with Tom Petty on guitar...or possibly a Guided By Voices cover band that only knows how to play Game of Pricks...

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