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Hometown: California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Justin,

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We are DANGERS. Dangers consists of Justin, Al, Tim, and James. We are from California. We began in 2005. We have released one demo tape, one self-titled vinyl EP, and two vinyl LPs/CDs, one entitled Anger and the other entitled Messy, Isn’t It?. Our latest record was released on the Vitriol Records imprint, which is owned and operated by our guitarist, Justin. Financial aid is also proffered by the lads over at Penguin Suit Records. In our spare time, we read books, go to school, survey land, organize test preparation services, and aid special education children. One day we will decide that this band has reached a logical conclusion. We will continue to do other things with our life – perhaps even play music in other bands! – but will always hark back to these days and think of them with fond reverence.


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