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Dan Webb and the Spiders

Dan Webb and the Spiders
Hometown: Boston, MA Current Label: Gunner Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Dan Webb
Chris Amaral
Matt Kenney
Marc Valois / Mike Vera

Dan Webb and the Spiders Bio:

In the summer of 2009, Dan Webb recorded an album of songs he had written over the past few years. In two days he tracked all the vocal, guitar, bass, and drum tracks for the 9 songs for what would become the debut album for Dan Webb and the Spiders. He assembled a group of friends to learn the songs and play a one-off CD release show. This first show led to another which led to another and soon the Spiders were operating as a full time project and began working on material for a second album, this time recorded as band. This record would be 2010's Oh Sure, which brought the band out on the road for the first time.
The Band played the east coast and midwest of the US with Movers & Shakers in April of 2010, hitting cities like Cincinnati, Chicago and Brooklyn. Critical acclaim in magazines like Maximumrockandroll and Razorcake, plus positive word-of-mouth brought the band to the attention of Gunner Records of Bremen, Germany. In March of 2011, Gunner Records released Much Obliged, the Spiders' third full length. This record brought the band to Europe for the first time on a three week trek through Germany, Austria and the UK. As a followup, Gunner records decided to re-release Oh Sure for Europe. A third European tour starts March 7th 2013.


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    great job

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    Good song

  5. andyfrank6812/1/2016 4:37 AM | Permalink

    I like your voice.

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    Lovely Band

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