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Hometown: Oakland, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Travis Pacheco
Scott Goodrich
Kyle Martin

Daydream Bio:

“A friend of ours once said that when we get tired of playing old songs, we just start a new band. I had to laugh because it’s the truth.” Daydream may be a new band, but Kyle Martin, Scott Goodrich, and Travis Pacheco have been playing music together for the past decade. After the ending of past bands, some time apart, and an almost fatal illness, they began putting together their open letter to the past few years – a small collection of songs detailing self realization, change, and loss. Adding four of the most personal songs to their history of songs written together, "Promise You" is just a small introduction of things to come.


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    Great one BIO..

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    great work.

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    Its nice one

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