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Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts Current Label: Ocelot Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Chris Wolz - Bass
Travis Tenney - Drums
Matt Reppucci - Guitar, Vocals


Punk, grunge, rock, alternative, or whatever the hell we want is the name of our game. Our objective as a standard 3-piece (drums, bass, guitar) is to fill the negative space that is easily covered by bands with more instruments and singers than a trio affords. Forming at a barn in Massachusetts forced us to bring the noise, after all... a barn is a lot of space to fill. DCDR is was formed, like most bands, from a pool or musically talented friends influenced by bands that you HAVE heard before.formed from a pool of bands/artists who are all friends.


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  3. cameronford
    CameronFord11/25/2015 2:27 AM | Permalink

    I like yur team workkk

  4. SachaHyman12/1/2015 6:02 AM | Permalink

    I appreciate yur workk

  5. BlairDorn12/8/2015 2:08 AM | Permalink

    I’m yur fan truly

  6. BlairDorn12/8/2015 2:11 AM | Permalink

    I luv yur team workk

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  8. sunitajain59
    sunitajain592/13/2017 5:17 AM | Permalink

    Ocelot music is good

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