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Dead Man Ramsey

Dead Man Ramsey
Hometown: Portland, ME Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Tom- Lead Vocals
Pete- Bass/Vocals
Adam- Drums/Vocals
Matt- Guitar/Vocals
Andy- Guitar/Vocals

Dead Man Ramsey Bio:

Dead Man Ramsey is compiled of X-Members of Portland Maine's, Jodi Explodi, The Outsiders (punk-a-billy rebels), and the UK's Last Call Heroes. They have been slingin' tunes since way back in 2012. They hope you like them, and they think that shirt looks really good on you.

The guys take a diy approach, learning through various ventures that self-suffiency is key. They do their own recording in Pete's pad, which is affectionately refered to as Spengler Studio. Matt makes t-shirts and other various goodies for the band via his own business, Matt Thompson Design. They do promoting and networking both online and through old fashioned pavement-pounding. Thomas tastes everyone's food to make sure its not poisoned, and Adam is the bodyguard and spiritual guru.

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