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Dead Swords

Dead Swords
Hometown: New Jersey Current Label: Human Blood Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Alex Rosamilia
Corey Perez

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Listening to Dead Swords is like being lost in the loneliest darkness. Theirs is a world of overwhelming static and feedback, of eternities-long melancholy, of the purest beauty shrouded and obscured by the blackest night. It's the sound of being alive centuries before you were ever born. The brainchild of Corey Perez (Let Me Run, Bottomfeeder, I Am The Avalanche) and Alex Rosamilia (The Gaslight Anthem, Something About Death Or Dying), the New Jersey band plays a ghostly kind of shoegaze, or, perhaps, a more soothing kind of black metal. Because despite the torrent of guitars at the center of these funereal and nihilistic songs, there's hope and beauty in these songs too, dreams that refuse to succumb to the nightmare of the real world and the bleakness of our own ever-impending mortality.

To date, Dead Swords have released two EPs - 2016's Skeletons... and 2017's Broken Souls, both of which were recorded by Frank Marra at North End Recording Studios. Two halves of the same black hole, the EPs are now being released together as one vinyl record, fusing together to create an unrelenting journey into the depths of humanity and despair, into the very center of human existence. So close your eyes and immerse yourself in their songs. Let them wash over you, possess you, take over your body and your soul totally and completely. But be warned - returning back home to the real world afterwards might be harder than you think....

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