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Hometown: Teeside, United Kingdom Current Label: Unrepentant Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Rob - Guitar & Vocals
Tim - Bass
Greg - Drums

Dogsflesh Bio:

Dogsflesh were originally formed in 1982, and after three years playing around the North East and Yorkshire,including supporting The Exploited, Discharge and GBH the band decided to call it a day due to musical differences. In January 2005 the main members of the band began practicing again after a 20 year gap and began touring the UK as headline act and also supporting bands such as The Anti Nowhere League, The Abrasive Wheels, Broken Bones, The Cockney Rejects and The UK Subs, to name just a few. The 4 track EP, Bloody Road To Death was Re-released in May 2005 and that was followed up by a live album which was released in October 2005. Since then the band have never stopped writing and touring, they have played shows in Italy, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and in 2007 they headlined the B Stage of the Antifest Festival in Czech Republic and in September 2007 the band embarked on their first tour of USA, which proved to be a big success for the band and their UK82 Music. Further releases included 'The Threat Remains' 4 track EP which was then followed up in September 2007,by the bands first full length album called Vision Of Hell. In October 2008 Unrepentant Records in USA signed the band and have since released the album in USA and Canada, which is also available for download on various sites.

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