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Hometown: Japan Current Label: Pizza Of Death
Band Members: Chuto- Vocals,
Whity- Bass,
JJ- Guitar,
Pelori- Guitar

F.I.B Bio:

It's hard to believe that a band with this much musical capability has only been together just 5 years. Formed in 2002 by vocalist Chuto and drummer Kenta, they spent their first few years playing mainly in their hometown Kyoto. However, since the release of "The Very Best of PIZZA OF DEATH" compilation last year, and the overwhelming reception of their offer "Are You Staning On", the band has been able to tour extensively across Japan. The impact of "Are You Standing On" has brought F.I.B extreme amounts of praise and admiration from fans and critics and has opened many doors for the band as well as helped to pave the road of anticipation for their upcoming debut mini album "Fill In The Blanks". F.I.B take full advatage of having a twin guitar approach and puts the two talented 6-stringers JJ and Pelori to work in every song from start to finish. Blending and blasting melodies and octaves like machine gun fire, this band is truly ahead of it's time and, with a combined age younger than any of their grandfathers, ahead of their years. Pizza Of Death's newest and youngest band is a rough stone that is now starting to shine little by little,.. F.I.B!

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