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Fifth Hour Hero

Fifth Hour Hero
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec Current Label: No Idea Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Mag: Guitar/Vocals
Balloo: Bass
Tremblette: Guitar
Jack: Drum

Fifth Hour Hero Bio:

Fifth Hour Hero started under a different name in 1997. Over five musicians filtered through lineups, the name was adopted, and positions in the band were moved around. Like the first day of school, fumbling with a locker, it took time to find the right combination; to open it up and get down to business.

GeneviƩve Tremblay, who you may already know from her backups on Against Mes Searching for a Former Clarity, has a strident, beautiful voice. Its the most striking first impression of Fifth Hour Hero. But were not talking solely about an angel with backup. Were talking about a band. Olivier Maguire shares vocal duties while Dave Chamberland and Mathieu Guilbault all make equal contributions to the expansive plains to Not Revenge The songs sound they all have barbed wire at the edges. Songs that play like drives through long-distance vistas: equal parts tough, pretty, and rough.

Fifth Hour Hero have won awards from important tastemakers, gone on plenty of shitty tours and a couple of good ones, and have a lot of friends who are more than willing to help them out because theyre downright nice and super-talented Canadians.

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