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Grabass Charlestons

Grabass Charlestons
Hometown: Gainesville, Florida Current Label: No Idea Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Will Thomas (Dub-T) - vocals, drums
PJ Fancher (peej) - guitars
Replay Dave - bass, backing vocals

Grabass Charlestons Bio:

It is a known fact that Gainesville has produced a steady stream of local music heroes for the better part of the last decade and a half. These pathfinders have continued to be at the forefront of creating an environment conducive to the production of obtainable and non conformist rock for the fans they love. Grabass Charlestons are no exception. Championing the cause of creating listenable and accessible rock music Grabass conveys an almost tangible camaraderie in their music. The band is composed of longtime friends Will Thomas, drums and vocals, PJ Fancher, guitar, and Dave Drobach, bass and vocals. These three musicians have forged their distinct sound in the crucible of road life, endless practice and beer drenched companionability. The lyrics carry the gravelly innuendo of experiences anyone can relate to. Whether it be doomed and tragic relationships, mediocre dead end jobs, or just the occasional misdirection everyone feels at some point in their own lives. All the while using the vehicle of humble, UN conceited, stripped down rock music to accomplish this. Thomas’s gravelly voice is reminiscent of a cross between early Tom Waits and Leatherface. The group manages to build solidly melodic, viable riffs while marinating themselves in the fast pitched tempo that has made them such powerful live performers. The band prides themselves on their elemental presence and is reinforced by a severely accurate guitar sound thanks to PJ Fancher. This is complemented by the concrete and veracious rhythm section of Thomas and Drobach. The bands latest album When The Funk Hits The Fan, a 7in LP released on Barracuda Sound, continues in the same thematic vein that has given Grabass the loyal fan base they deserve. The four track LP explores motif’s far-ranging and impartial. The anthemic Intervention Time is all about alcohol fueled nights and regret filled mornings. Speed Dating is a frenzied commentary on the internalized world of relationships. When the day is done this band is about one thing. Making music that you and your friends can enjoy while killing a case of cheap beer and waiting for the burgers to get done cooking.


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