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The Haverbrook Disaster

The Haverbrook Disaster
Hometown: Waghaeusel, Germany Current Label: Let It Burn Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Andreas Villhauer – Vocals
Yannick Gentner – Drums
Andreas Hormuth – Guitar
Christian Tenzinger – Bass
Philipp Teuber – Guitar

The Haverbrook Disaster Bio:

So here we go, 2013, year of the snake, The Haverbrook Disaster is furious and hungry. Backed by a brand new vinyl single, an unbelievable new album coming up and a massive touring schedule this band is done with compromises.
Making their debut to both, Let it Burn Records and the hardcore scene, with their first album "Hopeward Bound" in 2011, The Haverbrook Disaster didn't lose much time before they started touring and putting their name on the map. Mixed and mastered by Zeuss at Planet Z studios (Hatebreed, The Acacia Strain, Stick To Your Guns, etc.) "Hopeward Bound" became a cornerstone for modern hardcore, heavy breakdowns, and pervading melodies.
A split-ep and a European Tour with UK moshers Demoraliser in spring 2012 on Let it Burn Records marked the next big step in The Haverbrook Disaster's no-nonsense plan to quickly become an internationally established protagonist in modern day's underground music scene.
As for today, The Haverbrook Disaster are just in place. With their new album "Weather the World" the band is all out for a win. Produced, recorded and mixed by upcoming top-producer Aljoscha Sieg at Pitchback Studios (Nasty, Vitja, etc.) and mastered by Brian Hood at 456 Recordings (Gideon, A Plea for Purging, My Children My Bride, etc.) this album comprises a massive steamroller sound and consummate songwriting. Being a band with a message The Haverbrook Disaster poured meaning and heart in "Weather the World" through their thoughtful and provoking lyrics.
Headed by the release of a limited vinyl single for the prospective hardcore-hymn "The Chosen Few" (feat. Jesse Barnett of Stick To Your Guns) The Haverbrook Disaster's second and most important album "Weather the World" will hit the streets on April 5, 2013 followed by a European tour with Stick To Your Guns, First Blood and Hundredth.
So this is it. This is The Haverbrook Disaster in 2013, asking you one simple question: Will you give up on this world or will you be one of the chosen few?

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