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In Your Memory

In Your Memory
Hometown: Washington, D.C. Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Omar Veras - Vocals
Alex Scott - Guitar
Casey Reid - Guitar
Troy Humphrey - Bass
Jonathan Shephard - Drums

In Your Memory Bio:

Formed in 2011, In Your Memory was born in Alex's basement in Washington, D.C. The band consisted of Omar, Alex, Troy and John.
They soon after released their first self titled demo.

After experimenting with many sounds, In Your Memory found precisely the sound that they were looking for.

This sound was a new hard rock, one that consisted of powerful thrusting vocals, intensely deep jazz chords, throbbing bass lines, and exploding percussion.

This created a new climax in In Your Memory's sound.

After touring off of their first release, In Your Memory began to write new music to showcase their new, matured sound.
Morgan Freeman then narrated the notion of a vocalist without boundaries.

The band wanted to find a 2nd guitarist to fulfill this new prophecy. After numerous guitar tryouts, Casey Reid, was selected to fulfill Morgan Freeman's narration.
Senior Veras's chains were then broken, set free with no bounds.

With a further developed sound, In Your Memory continues to write tunes to sooth your ears and keep you….hot.

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