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Hometown: Richmond, Virginia Current Label: A-F Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Thomas Barnett (Strike Anywhere) - Voice
Mark Avery (River City High) - Guitar
Rob Huddleston (Ann Beretta) - Bass
Russ Jones (Ann Beretta) - Drums

Inquisition Bio:

Only a band of arresting importance could be regarded as the foundation of such mighty conquests as Strike Anywhere, Ann Beretta, and River City High. But Inquisition, a band that remains highly influential in spite of their brief mid-90’s lifespan, is that important. According to Strike Anywhere’s Thomas Barnett (ex-Inquisition), the resonance of Inquisition remains a dear relative to the music he and his band mates are creating today. (In fact, Thomas' current band, Strike Anywhere, is named from a song by Inquisition.) And notably, all kinds of bands, from an assortment of scenes, have sighted Inquisition as a necessary inspiration for their songwriting: Ensign, Anti-Flag, Dashboard Confessional—among many others.

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