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Band Members: Patrick Ruggles - vocals
Lochlan Watt - vocals
Francis Keil - drums
Shaun Burke - guitar
James Horgan - bass

Ironhide Bio:

The scorching debut release of progressive tech-metal bastards IRONHIDE has now been unleashed upon the world. Spawned in Brisbane in late 2009, the five-piece, dual vocal party crew have effortlessly melded punk vibes and post-metal influences into a technical metal maelstrom. Create/Collapse/Repeat was set to stone after only 12 live shows at Capitalsound Studios, Adelaide with James Balderstone... (A Secret Death), polished off at Tonteknik Studios, Sweden in early 2011 by Pelle Henricsson (Refused), and partnered with nightmarish illustrations by renowned Melbourne artist Jacob Rolfe.

Barely a moments respite from the word go, the album's seething sounds cover ground that is harsh yet compelling. Shards of melody intertwine through dissonant guitars, hyperactive drums blast their way to victory, and tricky bass lines pulse sporadically while two razor-sharp vocal chords lead the charge. With members having previously done time in acts The Surrogate, Western Decay, Naked Burn, Cross The Lips of Grace, The Vanguard Tic, Dandelion and more, Create/Collapse/Repeat is the sound of pure human frustration spliced with meticulous celebration. Aggressive skills and musical relationships galvanised through countless hours of stage, studio and touring time shred on maximum output. The album’s final track brings the 30 minute ride to a devastating close, with roaring guest vocals from fellow Australians Nathan Wyner (A Secret Death), Mike Deslandes (Coerce), Cameron Gillard (To The North), Robert Allen (The Abandonment), Matt Cook (Marathon) and Osaka native Toshihiko Takahashi (Palm).

IRONHIDE has played with American acts La Dispute, Dangers, Graf Orlock, and Heavy Heavy Low Low, as well as Czech Republic band Onanizer. Already possessing a reputation for live mayhem, the band's performances are unhinged affairs that continually mesmerize local audiences.The remainder of 2011 will see their frantic live show blowing minds interstate and beyond.

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