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Isles and Glaciers

Isles and Glaciers
Hometown: Royal Oak, Michigan Current Label: Equal Vision Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Craig Owens - Vocals
Jonny Craig - Vocals
Vic Fuentes - Vocals / Guitars
Nick Martin - Guitars
Brian Southall - Guitars / Programming
Matt Goddard - Bass
Mike Fuentes - Drums / Percussion

Isles and Glaciers Bio:

March 16, 2008 after some months of anticipation, some leaked songs, and too many ridiculous assumptions to count, we decided it was about time that we give you all some information about this project! so heres the deal.... a while back, a man came to all of us, and he had a dream. a dream of getting all of his best friends into a room together, then have someone press record, and see what would happen. i dont know if any of us really believe that it would happen, until we checked our email and saw flight reservations waiting. so a few months back, we all flew into seattle, and we met at baggage claim. some of us old friends, some of us had never met before. we laughed, we cried, and we eventually got picked up and taken to the studio. somehow we managed to write and track some songs that we are all very proud of, in about 10 days or so. it was hectic, it was stressful, and it smelled very bad in our bedroom, but we did it. here are the facts: sometime this year, we hope within the next 3-4 months max, this 5 song EP wll be released. the reason this is taking so long, is simply the fact that its very hard to get things done when youre in a 7 person band, and each person has another band, which is touring full time. so as fast as we all can, we are wrapping things up, waiting for final mixes, working on art work, etc.... and as soon as we can get it done, it will be there for you. trust me, we all wish it was out now, we are very excited about this. if you check out the show info on our myspace, you will notice that we are going to be playing one show, at this years SXSW, for the alternative press showcase. this will be the first time we will all play together, so it definitely worth watching if youre going to be around. eventually we hope we can do a tour and all that fun stuff, but like i said before, everyone already has a full time band, and everyone is very busy, so if you think you need to see this band, then you better show up in Austin just in case! thank you for bearing with us all this time while you were waiting to know what the hell was going on.

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