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i The Breather

i The Breather
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland Current Label: Sumerian Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Shawn Spann - Vocals
Jered Youngbar - Guitar
Justin Huffman - Guitar
Armand Vincent - Bass
Morgan Wright - Drums

i The Breather Bio:

The first thought in your mind when you hear the band, I THE BREATHER; is Wow! Energetic, edgy and engaging; this group captivates you with its bold in your face metal and melodic sound.

I THE BREATHER, is the newest addition to Sumerian Records. Their debut CD, recorded with producer Durv Viswanathan, is scheduled for release this Fall. However, audiences won’t have to wait to see them perform. I THE BREATHER is performing in cities throughout the U.S. on the Scream The Prayer Tour.

It was just a year ago when the five musicians from the Baltimore/Hagerstown, Maryland area came together. Shawn Spann (Vocals), Armand Vincent (Bass), Morgan Wright (Drums), Justin Huffman (Guitar), and Jered Youngbar (Guitar) merged their talents to form I THE BREATHER.

The group defines itself as a Christian metal band. Their band’s name carries a special meaning; “I” stands for God; “The Breather” stands for God breathing into man and giving life meaning. So breathe in and breathe out the fresh sound of “I THE BREATHER.”


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