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Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana Current Label: Century Media Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Krysta Cameron - Vocals
Steven Bradley - Guitar
Mical Montgomery - Drums
Dave Branch - Bass
John Ganey - Guitar

Iwrestledabearonce Bio:

Saying that IWRESTLEDABEARONCE (IWABO) makes music that turns heads is a real understatement. Somehow IWABO's spastic blending of genres maintains a cohesive sound that draws in listeners from many musical worlds. Love it or hate it - as long as they get a strong reaction to their music, the members of this band will feel that they have done their duty.

Achieving success on their own terms is the modus operandi of these Shreveport, Louisiana natives. With an amalgam of artists and musical styles as inspiration, the band started writing music with only their listening pleasure in mind. After recording their EP in guitarist Steven Bradley's bedroom in 2007, the band immediately hit the road on DIY tours and shared their music with the world. Through relentless touring and the ensuing internet and word-of-mouth buzz, the band was picked up by Century Media Records and began planning their next big step - their debut full-length "It's All Happening."

Completed this winter in producer-extraordinaire Ross Robinson's (Slipknot, The Cure, At The Drive In) studio with engineer/producer Ryan Boesch (Eels, Foo Fighters) at the helm, IWABO's new album manages to take their complex sound one step beyond all expectations. Singer Krysta Cameron's vocals shine through in ways never before heard, while the music has been given the treatment it deserves with excellent production that captures every subtle nuance. Bradley comments, "We couldn't be happier with how the album turned out! Ryan Boesch somehow understood every idea we had and captured them all perfectly. We went out of our way to expand our sound in every way possible, and this album is definitely more extreme in every direction than our previous EP. Also, we wanted to steer clear of an over-produced and lifeless sounding record, and I believe we've found a balance between all the electronics we use and a raw un-edited sound."

The IWABO overall aesthetic is all things radical. They are heading in down a trail they are blazing themselves - with twists and turns of their own creation. Due to their powerful live show and commitment to making sure every single fan knows how much they are truly appreciated, the more people who are exposed to the IWABO experience, the more new fans they will amass.


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