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Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Brian Brannon- Vocals & Keyboard
Don Redondo- Guitar
Corey Stretz- Bass
Carter Blitch- Drums

JFA Bio:

JFA was formed around March of 1981. Don Redondo and Michael C knew each other from going to shows around Phoenix. Michael was in a band called the Jr. Chemists and Don had just been in a band called the Deez. Michael and Don never really agreed to play together until after a DOA gig during the Hardcore 81 tour--one of the best shows I have ever seen to this day. After that, the hunt was on for the other members...the only criteria being that we wanted to play fast and they had to skate. Don met Bam Bam at an Industrial Dance (early Phoenix punk shows). Talking to a big group of of them said, "Hey that guy is really good on drums, skates and lives down the street from that Wallace and Ladmo guy." It took Bam about three seconds to agree. Michael C met Brian at a Hate House gig (big Phoenix punk rock/artist house) and asked him: 1. Do you skate? 2. Can you scream? (At which point Brian yelled in his ear) 3. And, do you have a place we can rehearse? (Brian's garage) First rehearsal was under Brendan De Valance's house. After that it was always in Brian's garage (playing with his dog Julie between songs). First show was at another Industrial Dance (Don got the Crowd from HB to headline so that is what got us on the bill). First song we played was "Pipetruck." First and last time I ever jumped on Bam's drum set (have a ride cymbal scar on my camouflaged SG to this day from that). Brian and Bam were 14. Don and Michael were 21.


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