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Hometown: Dublin Current Label: Jobsworth Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Colin Kelly- Vocals/guitar
Mark Derelict- Bass/vocals
Diarmuid Casserly- Guitar
Gazza Derelict- Drums

Jobseekers Bio:

Formed in early August 2010, Jobseekers were originally a three-piece, Colin Kelly, Simon Maples and David Molloy, and were a moderately fast punk band. They played their first gig in October 2010 and followed that with another three before 2011. In late December 2010, the original bassist announced, with upcoming gigs, that his college work meant that he could no longer commit to the band, and so David and Jobseekers and David parted ways. Colin and Simon were forced into a difficult predicament; a big gig with no bassist. Luckily enough, Colin's best friend Tony Carberry had just moved up to the city and offered to play the upcoming gig, only two weeks away. With their nerves settled, the lads decided to go one step further, and added a second guitarist, Shane Kennedy, two days before the gig! The band instantly acquired a new dynamic and a penchant for playing ridiculously fast. The gig was a success, and since then the band have gone on to record their debut EP "As Real As It Gets..."
Eleven tracks in under fifteen hours...The EP lasts twenty-four minutes and 48 seconds.
In September 2011, there was a new addition to the band with the departure of Simon on drums and the addition of Matt Howard behind the kit. The new line-up turned out new material like there was no tomorrow.
The beginning of 2012 saw Tony leaving the band to pursue other dreams, and Chris Burke (Septic Pussy) joining and bringing a new slant to the band's dynamic. Then, in early February, Shane also left, seeing Daniel Knowles fill his shoes in guitar responsibilities.
Jobseekers released their debut album, "Heads On sticks", on CD with FOAD Musick on 2nd November 2012.
2013 saw the departure of Chris and Danny, and the arrival of Mark Derelict on bass. The band then recorded 7 tracks, before recruiting a second guitarist, Diarmuid Casserly, in October. The "Jobseekers" EP is set to be released on 7" in 2014.
Matt left for Canada in february 2014, leaving the job open for their good friend and drummer of fellow hardcore punk killers Excuses, Gazza Derelict, who fits in nicely. 2014 looks set to go fast.


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