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Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Current Label: Misfits Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Rob Vannice - Guitar and Vocals
Tommy Kloss - Bass
Mike Garelli – Drums

Juicehead Bio:

Ready, aimed and focused power-punk trio, JuiceheaD, fronted by singer/songwriter Rob Vannice (Guitar & Vocals), had already taken their hometown of Chicago by storm before launching worldwide on Misfits Records. Taking their punk rock assault to the masses, their impressive 16-track DIY debut, "The Devil Made Me Do It", came packed with face-ripping guitar muscle, sing-along hooks and a sonic rhythm section that demolishes buildings in its wake!

Armed with a hard, aggressive melodic arsenal and thought provoking lyrics, JuiceheaD defines the new breed of American punk rock. Their music is infectious, contagious and packs enough punch to satisfy most old school punk rock fans, while simultaneously delivering a universal sound that any enlightened music fan will truly appreciate.

Formed in late 2003, JuiceheaD forged from the ashes of several local punk bands and fused a unique union of skilled playing and solid song writing. Rob Vannice had been active in the Chicago underground since 2000 in various bands, but found a secret weapon in Tommy Kloss, a classically trained guitarist turned bass player with who he had been honing the JuiceheaD sound. With the addition of Mike Garelli on drums, the three-piece catapulted into ear bleeding abandon and reached the next level. JuiceheaD has since toured across North America including the Misfits Records’ Fiend Fest tour, several regional and national treks with surf-punk pioneers Agent Orange, nationwide touring with UK punk staples the Adicts, and multiple nationwide tours as primary support for the legendary Misfits.


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