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Hometown: Dundee, Scotland Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Chris (drums), Dom (guitar), John (bass).

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‘…To cease, to flow, fluid as a river, as the ebb and flow of a vast sea along coasts seen in a night in which one could really sleep!.... To cease, to be unknown and external, the stirring of branches in remote avenues, the tenuous falling of leaves that one senses without hearing them fall, the subtle sea of distant fountains, and the whole indistinct world of gardens at night, lost in endless complexities, the natural labyrinths of the dark!... To cease, to end once and for all, but yet to survive in another form, as the page of a book, a loose lock of hair, a swaying creeper outside a half-open window, insignificant footsteps on the fine gravel on the curve of a path, the last twist of smoke high above a village as it falls asleep….’ (Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet).

Kaddish are a hardcore band from Dundee, in the North East of Scotland. We are John (bass), Dom (guitar), and Chris (drums). We play music to stay friends and make friends, all else being a strange and unexpected bonus.

We are fans of: seriousness; navel gazing; metaphysics; resistance to the empire of the cliché; black metal; mid-90s American hardcore, emo and screamo; bikes; driving in the dark; most things French; Scottish football.

Stick with us long enough and we may release a second album. Said album is 10 tracks long, and has been fully recorded and mastered (by the sublime talents of Carl Saff, no less). If you’d like to help us overcome ourselves and actually put this thing out, we’d be grateful to hear from you, at: [email protected]

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